About the Dreams

From early childhood I have had very vivid dreams, often leaning toward nightmares. Just over a year ago I underwent a hypnotherapy session (for something completely unrelated) and to my delight, I have not had a nightmare since! I do, however, still have very weird, vivid dreams. A while ago I started writing them down, thinking that one day my skill level in photography would allow me to turn some of the images from my dreams in to conceptual photographs. That hasn’t happened yet, but I decided to share them anyway. Maybe my strange dreams can inspire some weird and wonderful art creations somewhere.

Last week I was forwarded this blog post by Allen Gannett  where he is talking about keeping a dream journal as a tool to connect the creative power of your sleeping mind with your more “trained” thought patterns of your awake mind. I may be on the right track with this 🙂

I’m not interested in interpretations of my dreams, I sort of enjoy the chaos of them.

Please feel free to comment with ideas on how to create art or images out of any of the scenes I describe!

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