About the Dreams

Recently I was forwarded a study that found a correlation between frequent dream recall  and increased creativity in your awake thoughts. It concluded: “Enhanced dream recall through daily dream logging fosters aspects of creativity. Associations between creativity, dissociation, and thinness of boundaries, suggest that increased awareness to dreams increases creativity through a “loosening” of stereotyped thinking pattern.”

I’m willing to give dream logging a try, and if I’m writing them down anyway I may as well share them with you.

Since early childhood I have had very vivid dreams, usually leaning toward nightmares. Just over a year ago I underwent a hypnotherapy session (for something completely unrelated) and to my delight, I have not had a nightmare since. I do, however, still have very weird, vivid dreams. A while ago I started writing selected ones down, thinking that one day my skill level in photography would allow me to turn some of the images from my dreams in to conceptual photographs. If you are a creative who would like to collaborate to create some of the scenes from my dreams, let me know.

While I do notice some recurrent themes in my dreams, for the most part they are quite random in the content, and I enjoy the chaos of them.

Please feel free to comment with ideas on how to create art or images out of any of the dreams.