All the Dirty Laundry

I’m with a group of girl friends, we are on a long weekend getaway. I am aware of the identity of two friends, the rest are faceless. I’m not sure how many are there in total. One of the familiar friends has a partner along, and he is a colleague of mine.

We are in a small town, and arrive at a heritage style house. Inside there is an atmosphere like a pub, but the layout and furnishings aren’t quite right. There is a central bar, but to approach the bar I must enter into a large funnel of sorts. It starts out spaciously enough, but it gets narrower as I approach the bar. I’m not the only one in the funnel, and as it narrows, personal space becomes an issue. I feel crowded, and look over my shoulder to see who is shoving me. It’s my colleague, who is dating my friend. I’m instantly on edge, and sense this is going to cause problems.

I’m watching a confrontation between my friend and her boyfriend, my colleague. I back away and go upstairs. The atmosphere is very different. It’s a huge but poorly lit open space with old couches and chairs around the wall. The center of the room is empty.

My other familiar friend, and an old woman are sitting at the edge of the room. They aren’t near each other, and I can barely see them in the low light. The old woman is not part of our group. My friend asks me to go get the laundry from the dryer. I do so.

I’m carrying a load of warm clothes from the dryer over to a couch at the edge of the room. The odd sock, lettuce leaf, and carrot fall out of the bundle as I walk. I also notice that there is a turtle in mixed in with the clothes. I can’t tell if it’s alive or dead, it isn’t moving. I ask my friend, “Why is there a turtle in the laundry?”. She replies, “We had to put the vegetables somewhere…”.

I put the laundry down and start separating the vegetables from the clothes. I notice the turtle has moved. I pick him up. He’s still warm from the dryer, and he seems a bit miffed. He bites at my shirt. I gather up some vegetables to placate him. I ask again why the turtle was put through the laundry. I get no response.

I wake up.