Construction Sites and Baby Bottles

I find myself in the lobby of a nice hotel.  It is crowed with people either arriving at, or leaving some sort of event. Some people appear to be in costumes, but I can’t ascertain the type of event from the people gathered in the lobby. I suddenly see a coworker I used to work with years ago, I’ll call him Antonio. I approach and we greet each other. He is dressed in an unremarkable manner, he is there with his wife. She has a cowboy hat on her head.  As I focus on her, the hat shrinks to about 1/3 of the size of a regular cowboy hat, and now sits askew on her head like a fascinator. We shake hands and make small talk.

Suddenly we are no longer in the hotel lobby, we are on a construction site, Antonio and myself. Where Antonio has never had any manner of accent before, he now has a comical Russian accent. He takes me through the construction site to a rough storage area. It is sheeted in with plywood, is long and narrow, and is full of items not related to construction at all. Antonio grabs an empty box and starts filling it with random items that he insists (in his hilarious accent) are crucially important. I can’t see what he is putting in the box, as the area is poorly lit.

I am now standing on a sidewalk in the dark, underneath some scaffolding,  holding the box of items. Antonio is nowhere to be seen. Instead, I have been stopped by an old style London Bobby, with the big hat and the long white cuffs. He is demanding I open the box and give him the items inside. I comply. I open the box and find, amongst a great deal of indiscernible junk, several objects that are the shape of baby bottles, but they are all one piece – there is no way to open them. There are a few single ones that are a bit larger in size, and one set of three smaller pink ones shrink wrapped together. As I’m considering what these weird bottles could possibly be used for, the bobby gets rather agitated and  demands I hand over the set of three shrink wrapped bottles. I wake up before I am able to respond.