Androgynous Tour Guide

It’s been a while since I shared one of my weird dreams, mainly because I have been having stressy work dreams, which I prefer to forget, and I don’t think anyone would find them very interesting to read about.

A few nights ago I did have one of my trademark weird dreams that I remember in detail, and that may entertain.

In my dream I am with someone, I can’t see who it is, but they are leading me somewhere. Following them, I crawl though a hole, perhaps in a wall, and emerge in a large, very large, walled in area. As I look around, I remain aware of my companion, but cannot see them. As I scan the environment, there is not much to see, a large dirt area with a concrete wall enclosing it, like a huge vacant lot. There are two notable disruptions in the landscape, it looks like two entrances to an underground environments, one is just in front of us, and the other is on the far side of the enclosure. The interesting thing is that as I scan the area, I can see an underground environment. I can see an elaborate underground network of rooms and hallways that extends far beyond the walls I can see at the ground level. It appears there is a whole vibrant community below the ground.

I sense urgency as my still faceless companion leads me down the nearest entrance to the underground network.

From the surface, it looked like the underground environment was deep below ground, so I’m surprised when I only descend down a few stairs and find myself in a spacious, well lit dormitory of sorts. I look around, it is again a large space, with dozens of bunk beds around the perimeter of the space. Most are unmade, like everyone got up in a hurry. It doesn’t feel unpleasant. I don’t see a way out of the space, other than the stairs where we entered from the surface. I’m confused as to where the rest of the tunnels and room are, the ones I could see from the surface. I move around the space, looking at the unmade beds, people’s belongings, clothes thrown over chairs. I take a seat in a chair that isn’t festooned with clothing. I sense someone near me, I turn and look over my shoulder. On first look, I see a manikin, such as you would see in a store window. It is undressed, and I find myself peering at it’s plastic androgynous crotch area, as that is at eye level from my seated position. It isn’t awkward until the manikin begins to talk to me, and I realize it is a person. At that point I’m not sure where to look, as now that we are conversing, staring at the androgynous crotch no longer seems ideal. I think this may be the person who brought me here, I’m at ease with this person. I ask if we can explore the rest of the underground environment. The person asks if I would rather touch their androgynous, plastic crotch.

I wake up.