Jaguars, in Houses?

I’m walking through a hot, humid jungle. It smells floral and light, despite the dense foliage. As I walk I’m noticing small details, small insects, colorful birds, and the texture of the all the different leaves and vines. In time, the jungle begins to open up, and more hot sun streams down. Shortly I emerge into a clearing, it no longer seems to be tropical. It feels more like a clearing in one of the many poplar groves from Northern BC, where I grew up. There is fresh green grass, about a foot tall, with the occasional meadow flower growing up beyond the height of the grass.  I have come to the center of the clearing, when I hear a rustling behind me.  I turn to see what is making the soft sound in the grass.

I’m startled to see a large black jaguar moving through the grass toward me.  I’m mesmerized.  He is beautiful.  He is shiny and black, with striking yellow eyes. He is moving slowly and purposefully toward me through the grass.  Most interestingly, he has the frame of a house balanced around his torso. I can’t clearly see how it is attached to him, it seems to be hovering around him.  It’s about the size of a children’s playhouse, it sways gently as he smoothly moves through the grass.

I can’t take my eyes off him, as he appears to also have his gaze fixed on me.  It occurs to me that I may not be safe. I back away, keeping pace with him, backing toward the far side of the clearing.  He does not change his pace, nor do I. I observe more detail in the house.  It is a framed house with a peaked roof. There are spaces for 2 windows on each side.

I come to the edge of the clearing, and one more step takes me into a close stand of poplar trees. The trees are close together, the jaguar will not be able to navigate his house between the trees.

I turn away from him and continue on my walk.