Silly-String Jellyfish and Bully Robots

I’m at a tiny rural airstrip, there is an overgrown grass runway on one side of a small two track dirt road, and a portable trailer on the other. There is a food truck covered with a tarp near the portable trailer. That seems to be why I’m there, to check on the food truck. As I approach, a small aircraft lands, taxies down the little airstrip, crosses the road and pulls up in front of the portable trailer. A man and a young boy get out, look at me, and then proceed into the trailer. I continue my work. At a point I look up and notice the airplane is on fire. I run to the trailer to alert the man, he seems very irritated to be disturbed, but he comes outside and puts out the fire, glaring at me periodically.

The next thing I recall is walking into the large airy dining room of what appears to a 3rd floor apartment. There is a party or gathering of some nature in progress, and I have the impression it’s my family, though I can’t actually see anyone’s faces. I enter with my boyfriend, and everyone seems happy to see us. The dining room has large glass doors that open onto a balcony overlooking the street below. I notice there is no railing on the balcony, and there are no railings on the balconies across the street either.

My boyfriend and I move to the back of the space, and we are observing the festivities in the room and on the balcony. People are starting to move toward the balcony, they have seen something that has surprised or delighted them. We look closer, and see pastel blue and pink translucent jellyfish floating up to the balcony. They are so strange, at first I think the neighbours must have some sort of cool bubble machine, but closer look shows the things are moving with purpose, changing direction, and appear to be pulsing with their movements. One hits the window, and it most certainly does look like a jellyfish.

They are starting to fill the air, and people are out on the balconies across the street looking at them as well. People in our party start venturing out onto the balcony, and I urge them to come back in and close the window. They either don’t hear me, or disregard my urging. As I watch, a little robot emerges from an apartment across the street onto the balcony across from us. He is about 4’ tall, sort of cute, shiny, with big eyes, and ducting type arms and legs. I’m thinking how charming he is, when he stops in the patio doorway across the street, and takes a big bite out of the doorframe. As I’m staring at him, trying to make sense of him, my attention is drawn to a sudden movement on a balcony a few doors down, where another robot has just reached out and shoved a person off the edge of the balcony. I see them fall to the street below.

I wake up.